Hello about pro package ws argo

hello does it work on all sites and sub domains under the account when we get the pro package?
Or is it just a domain and subdomains that apply to it?
It does accepted as payment bank account in Turkey?
Should we make a payment at the end of the month or after purchase?
Is there a $ 20 other method to speed up my sites instead of a pro plan?
Does it increase my mobile speed especially on my sites?
I only used 1 month, can I go back to the other month free plan?
my other linked accounts can also change fake ip?
Also would pro pack be sufficient without slang or any other package?
Are there any other packages you can recommend without being professional to speed up slang and site?

Thank you

Paid Features are on a per-domain subscription. And will apply to subdomains as well. Not your entire Cloudflare account with all its domains.

I don’t think Cloudflare accepts any country Bank account access. It’s just credit cards and PayPal.

You pay at the beginning of the month. If you cancel you will not get charged for the next month.

I advise you to start with a Free Plan and see if that works good enough for you. Pro Plan only adds Image Optimization that might speed up your site.

You can add Argo to a free plan, but Argo is made for speeding up your site over long distances. If your visitors are close to your server, Argo won’t help much.