HEKP: how url redirect on cloudflare?

Dear All.

I have 2 subdomain: hrpro.topica.vn and hrview.topica.vn.
I want url redirect from hrview.topica.vn to hrpro.topica.vn.
I created page Rule in Page Rules but not ok.

You can help me?

Thanks You very much!

That image isn’t showing up here or on Imgur.

Hi you.

Thanks you đã support me.
this is link image: https://www.upsieutoc.com/image/GwdWiY.

Thanks You.

The rule should match *hrview.topica.vn/* and forward to https://hrpro.topica.vn/$2

Dear sdayman.

I followed your instructions.
But this is Fail.

Thanks You.

hrview isn’t on Cloudflare. Neither is hrpro. Make sure both are set to :orange: in DNS.

Also,if hrpro is not a duplicate of hrview, then get rid of the $2 and it won’t forward the path.

I created 2 subdomain hrview và hrpro on Cloudflare.

Yes, and they’re set to :grey: instead of :orange:. You need :orange: for Page Rules to work.

Thanks sdayman.

I did and succeeded.

Thanks you very much!

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