Heavy caching certain pages using meta tag or other


I’ve contacted Cloudflare support a few times about this but they don’t have the feature yet I don’t think.


The directory is basically made up of homepage , categories and profiles.
None of them have unique URL identifiers so we cannot heavy cache category pages.
We want to heavy cache category pages for 1 day.
We were hoping that we could put a META tag or some identifier like this on category pages and heavy cache these page types only. It seems that unless your website has URL identifiers or suffixes for page types then either cache everything or nothing.

Can someone please help here?

We’re trying to apply heavy cache to certain page types only - there are thousands of them and they have no unique URL identifier so i was hoping I could put a META tag in the header as an identifier.


Hello? Is this forum active?

There’s a meta header for this already called cache-control.

Create a cache everything page rule and then explicitly declare what should and shouldn’t be cached and the duration using a cache control header.

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