Heartinterenet being patrronising regarding CLOUDFLARE

I am bitterly dissappointed in that HEARTINTERNET have no interest at all in allowing me the facility to add in keys to complete the setup of my SSL with Clloudflare.
They said this…

*"We don’t support 3rd party SSLs on our shared platform. *

You will need to manage this with Cloudflare. The instructions are for managing a server, you can contact their support and tell them you are hosted on a shared platform and you don’t have access to the server backend.
They usually put the DNS zone through their Nameservers to allow their SSL to work on your site.
Either way you will still need to speak with them about how to make this work."

So how on earth do I resolve this?
I follow the instructions and suddenly half weay through I do NOT have the facility to add the keys!!!


Many thanks for a solution.

Without 3rd party SSL support, do they provide SSL certificate from their side? Or, they just force everyone to HTTP only?

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They are forcing everyone to pay extortions for SSL. They DO have SSL. But their prices are up in three and four figures.
The help is flippant and deliberately ignores the facts.
My servers are down now for about three months and more and still they offer no solution unless I as good as double my annual fees for their server hosting to gain SSL. AND they want that fee paid for EVERY URL I have despite the fact that ALL my URLS go through a singular url path to the respective folder so… logically I only need ONE certificate.
But the keep rolling over this. Suddenly also I seem to address people from Russian all the time there.

I am shocked because SSL should be a natural inclusion not some paid addon that “without” every site you have displays a BACK TO SAFETY nonsensical button.
Many of my sites are html text and images only. I mean what dangers?

Im really scratching my head here.
Am I still able to have CLOUDFLARE handle my SSL. If I cannot add the keys am I completely locked in to Heartinternets systems? Because if I am I find that disgusting.

Calls for a change of host.


Agree +1

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I think you are right.
Does anyone know of a host that has a similar arsenal to the software available in heartinternets’ systems please?

I need a good host now.
What is a really good host. What do you use?

Where I can have unlimited bandwidth, SQL unlimited databases etc? One that has a technical back end not some drag and drop Wordpress idiot system.

I really think this is the last straw and I need to find somewhere else. There are four businesses hosted in their servers as well that are dead in the water now.
This is awful.

I used to use DreamHost and was pretty happy with them. They’re pretty technical with a custom dashboard. They have Let’s Encrypt for free, or you can upload your own.


Thankyou. Ill look at this seriously tonight. I’m at my wits end with Heartinternet. Its as if they deliberately ignore what you say and make it look like their answer suits your question.

My question has always been, WHY when everything I have (urls) goes through a singular domains subfolders do I need multiple SSL certs? and also WHY haven’t you got a wildcard system I can deploy?
I should only have one certificate, that was told to me by one of their competitors but their services were very stunted so I couldnt go with them.

What really gets my goat is that if there are free ssl systems available why can they not be allowed to work with HEART. The logic I see is that my servers go THROUGH another vetting server for SSL conformity… OUTSIDE and APART FROM and SEPERATE TO as an entity… Heartinternet.

So, why does Heartinternet state that they do NOT conform to external server redirection? Surely they should have nothing to do with where I send MY data from MY internet sites OR what security I choose to deploy?
They provide the data stream… “I” get it vetted and choose where it travels to BEFORE it hits the viewers browser. The browser sees it cleansed/secured.

Something about this logic would appear to miss.

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