Health Checks Slack notifications

Hey All,

It would be quite useful if there were more notification preferences/integrations for the Health Checks service. Our organisation utilizes Slack as the primary driver for communication throughout the org, it would be great if we could funnel Health Check notifications into one of our Slack channels.

I heard from @ggalow that this is something that will be possible in the future - no firm timeline to share just yet - stay tuned!


Yes this would be very useful. We have slack channel for all things server related and something like a DDOS attack would definitely be need to ping into this. Especially as I think we need to manually turn on “I’m under attack” mode.

While we don’t yet have native slack integration, we do have webhook integration which can be plugged into slack. (webhooks are available to the pro plan or higher).


Is there somewhere more info available about this webhook integration?
I initially thought you meant the webhooks at Account > Notifications > Destinations, but my test webhook that I have setup there does not seem to receive any requests when a health check changes status.

Hi @arunesh90,

Apologies for the delay here while I have been checking this! At the moment webhooks are not supported with Standalone Healthchecks, however this will be possible soon.

This is possible for Cloudflare DDoS alerts on Pro, Business and Enterprise plans:


Hey @SarahA,

Thanks for the follow up!
Glad to hear that it’s on the roadmap. Can’t wait to put it to use and build something with it that can be used by the rest of the community :slightly_smiling_face:

This seems like a very simple thing to offer - webhook for health check notifications.

As a programmer myself, literally 5 minutes of work.

Can you all give an ETA on this?


Is it still not possible to send a notification about a health check status change to Slack? Any ETA when/if it will be?

Any chances for adding this?
I’ve seen there’s Atlasian Statuspage used and I’ve seen many (e.g. dropbox) use it and have a way to add it easily to Slack.
I believe this should be pretty easy to add there?
Here’s guide from Atlassian:

Any updates on this? Would love the ability to plug in a custom webhook to health check notifications. Email notifications are too easily missed