Health Check Email Subject UP/DOWN

Please allow us to set the email subject contents for health check alerts. For example if we could use some kind of variable {pass=“UP”, fail=“DOWN”} in the subject line, if the subject was UP or DOWN we could then use the free services at Get started with email automation | Statuspage | Atlassian Support for public status pages… this would allow us to supply something like your own Cloudflare status page: to our users…

I thought the keyword Up and Down was always included? Or you are referring to some other keyword?

If it is already included in the subject, then i take back my request lol. Do you have an example of your received email alert? I can’t seem to find a way to test the alerts either.

The subject for an origin failure is:
DOWN | Origin - <origin name> | Pool - <pool name>

well then… remove my feature request lol. my fault guys…

Looks like Load Balancing Monitors alert instead of Health Check Notifications.

Usually it’s Down | HTTP timeout occurred |


No worries.

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