Headers Problem After Migration To Cloudflare Pages

Dear All

I migrated from Netlify to Cloudflare Pages.
Everything is work fine except about headers.

Even _headers file I created seems undetected and still pointing to previous headers version in netlify.toml


I don’t know how netlify.toml can be override and combined even after I migrate to Cloudflare Pages.

Any solution to fix this problem?


Still pointing to netlify.toml headers file.

The netlify.toml headers file will not work on Pages - you will need to use _headers as documented in the link you posted above.

Can you share what your _headers file looks like, and can you confirm it’s in your output directory (usually something like dist or public)?

My _headers file content is adopted from netlify.toml content with a little different change.

I curious if the cause is from SSL that still pointing to Netlify Let’s Encrypt SSL instead of Cloudflare SSL?

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