Header response dynamic & public

Hey everyone,

I just created a staging website for my ecomm biz. I’ve got Cloudflare free plan & FlyingPress caching.

The staging site header response is Public but in the actual e-comm, it is Dynamic.

This changes the caching in Cloudflare and I’m seeing that wjhen the cache is Public, it’s a bit faster.

Any idea why ? Should I be trying to change the real website header response to public too ?

In the Cloudflare DNS settings, the staging site is DNS only

Actual website is https://www.lesfousdisent.com

Staging is https://exampledev.lesfousdisent.com

PS: The plugin I use for selfhosting local fonts (OMGF) is not working in staging website, so there’s a font change.


You are looking at 2 different headers.

That means your staging site is not using Cloudflare. Your live site is using Cloudflare as a proxy, and I can see that most/all static assets are being cached by Cloudflare.

In general, you should use the same settings for staging and live, as tests on the staging site might otherwise lead to wrong results.

Thanks a lot. Got it.

I’ll proxy the staging site too.