Header Request unable to add

I want to add HTTP header for

Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=“garena-free-fire-winterlands-1.94.1-gnm.in.xapk”

Using Page rules → Transform rule

But getting error. Please check the screenshot below.

I want to do this - because android browsers not saving file as XAPK format. But in desktop it saved with XAPK extension. But in android, it will automatically converts to zip file format after successfully downloaded. That’s why I want to MENTION header Content type to force all browsers save as XAPK format.

You want a static header, not a dynamic one.

Thank you, but same error when selecting Static.

Please mention briefly.

Appears as if you cannot overwrite that header.

Currently, there is a limited number of HTTP request headers that you cannot modify. Cloudflare may remove restrictions for some of these HTTP request headers when presented with valid use cases.

Also, for a download, you actually need to set a response header, not a request header.

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