Header problems due to Cloudflare


my theme developers rewrote the header and since then the header is cut off at the top of the page on desktop / is overlayed by the menu. When you set Cloudflare to developer mode, the pages look normal. It also helps to set the caching option from “standard” option to “no query”.

I have deleted the cache multiple times and I have discussed these issues at lengths with the theme developers (Blocksy - CreativeThemes). They say I have to contact cloudflare support, but I am on a free plan and using Cloudflare mainly for its DNS-servers…

Anybody has any idea how to fix this or let Cloudflare know? I surely cannot be the only one with this problem? Thanks in advance


You might be one of the very, very few…if any. I use Blocksy on most of my sites with various header configurations and none of them are cut off.

If you are using Cloudflare only for DNS, meaning :grey: instead of :orange:, then Cloudflare can’t be involved in the first place because they are not doing anything with the request. In that case you’d really need to talk to your developer.



Hi Sandro,

I use the orange Cloudflare and it does do some caching. If I put it in developer mode the problem vanishes - sorry if I did not make that clear - it seems to be caching problem with Cloudflare, that does not get fixed with deleting the cache.

I had my developer and the folks from Blocksy and my hoster people have a look at it, and they all suggested contacting Cloudflare… Thanks for your time.

@sdayman Ah good, so you know the folks from Blocksy - they really turned my site upside down and they said its a really weird mistake.

If I change the caching setting to “no query” it also looks normal…

Thanks - Lizzy

Then you are doing more than DNS.

But again

If the issue stops when enabling development mode, then it should be something caching related, but clearing the cache should equally fix it and you’d need to make sure that you either adjust your settings to not cache too much or clear the cache whenever necessary.

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Try disabling any caching related page rules for starters.

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Hi Sandro,

I had cleared the cache multiple times, which did not fix the problem. I do not know, what changed, but today it looks normal. knock on wood, it stays likes this I think I do not have any specific page set.

But a huge thanks for taking a look and answering me :slight_smile:

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