Header checker giving me 999 on my hosted site urls

Running a header check on my hosted site gives a series of 999 errors even though you can browse the urls.
www, non www, http, http all to root, all give 999
DNSSEC all set correctly at registrar.

Tried turning off ssl at host on root urls, did not work
Anything i can do to get header chekcer to show correct redirection?



Namservers are set to cloudflare.
diagnostics passes most tests
Site cannot be browsed to

Your proxy certificate has not been issued yet or you disabled it

I Must be missing a step.
Site is still dead.

I went to ssl/ created origin server keys and pasted the 2 keys into my host.
Now I have the orange cloud under dns in cloudflare but if i browse the site I am getting
…uses an unsupported protocol.

Mentioned articles lists all the steps you’d need to take.

Post a full page screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls/edge-certificates

And here we go

I see

cerificate transparency
https strict
disable universal

you mean those?
I enabled universal. site is still dead

For starters, the article covers this issue and you seemingly haven’t tried it, which makes the whole thing a bit pointless of course.

But yes, Universal SSL certainly needs to be enabled. Once the certificate is there it should work.

Still struggling. Site is still dead.
If you can see anythign worng here it woud be appreciated

SSL enabled

orange cloud live at cloudflare

certs installed at host

The certificate has been issued now. Switch your encryption mode to Full Strict.

full strict now set

Do you have any page rules configured?

yes 3

Remove them all and use “Always use HTTPS” instead. You could keep number three.

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good suggestion. site is now live. thaks

You still have mixed content.

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