Head section of html cache is incorrect

My website recipefunnel.com is using cloudflare caching.
The head section of any html page is from another page.

In the screen shot above the url is of the page “tawa-paneer-burger-cottage-cheese-burger”
but the and other details are from the page "Loaded Guacamole Veggie Tacos | Avacado Tacos ".

I have set up the page rules to

page match condition: www.recipefunnel.com/*
Cache Level: cache everything

What do I need to change in my cloudflare page rules in order to fix the problem?


Hi @vivekagarwal5592
This does not look like a familiar problem to me.
What happens if you disable the Page Rule or Cloudflare Caching?
Just using Caching should not combine the HTML code of different sites.
If this still occurs without Cloudflare Caching, I would check your origin server and otherwise create a ticket including HAR files with and without Caching enabled, so we can investigate this:

I hope this helps!

Hi @jochen
I disabled the page rules and response that I get from the origin server is as expected. Attaching screen shot from the same url for your reference.

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