He zone you are trying to upgrade is marked as Do Not Upgrade. (Code: 1315)

Dear Cloudflare Team,

I am reaching out to you regarding an urgent matter concerning some of our domain names. We are experiencing issues with several domains, and despite our efforts, we are unable to add even new domains to Cloudflare. It is crucial for us to resolve this issue promptly as it is significantly impacting our workflow. The inability to add new domains is hindering our business operations. We kindly request your immediate attention to this matter and swift action to resolve it.

The error message we are encountering is as follows: “Refer to https://cfl.re/3VUQyyL for assistance. The zone you are trying to upgrade is marked as Do Not Upgrade. (Code: 1315)”

Your understanding of the urgency of this matter is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to a prompt resolution.

Best regards

Ticket ID: #3288450

Hi, the ticket has been escalated to the Billing Team, and they will assist you with your request. Meanwhile, your patience is highly appreciated.

Still no call back. Please help.

Please be patient. There is currently a backlog of billing tickets. Your ticket will be worked in due time.

Cloudflare was not such an indifferent company!

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. My name is Daniel and I will be assisting you today.
I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some problems regarding your service.

I’ve provided you an answer on the referred ticket. Let’s follow up there, please.

Thank you.

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My problem is still not solved

My problem continues.

Hi Majdev,

I’m following up on the ticket, since the previous owner of the domain has your name, and there’s a billing issue with that account.

Please refer back to the ticket in the future.

Thank you,

Best Regards.