hCaptha Slow!

Hello, i am trying to use hCaptcha on my Cloudflare application but it’s slow like a turtle!!!
I can’t even open my website. I solve the captcha but didn’t work at all!!!

Please fix it, put reCaptcha again!!

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Yes since they change my aplication its really slow, i guess they change back to reCaptcha… or atleast the owner of the website can switch between reCaptcha and hCaPTcHA. :roll_eyes: :neutral_face:

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Pleasee, remove hCaptcha!!! so slow!

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+1 for having the option to switch sites between ReCaptcha and Hcaptcha


:wave: web scraper developers!

When you register multiple sock puppet accounts within minutes of each other to complain about a new Cloudflare security feature it is incredibly entertaining.


I am sure it slows down your captcha solving :robot: tools quite a bit.

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