hCaptcha is horrific

I’ve noticed that Cloudflare has added hCaptcha as part of their security system (it’s been a while now). Before, I think you all had reCaptcha? Can you please switch back to it? I’ve seen a couple complaints here already and I feel like you should listen. Most people that browse the internet won’t know where or how to complain, but the people that did come here to complain, are more than likely advanced internet users and speak for many people when we say hCaptcha is horrible.

hCaptcha is super easy to fail for the average user. Its design is even more upsetting. It looks like it was made in 2009. I would recommend using or going back to Google’s for obvious reasons. Maybe you could implement the invisible one? I just wonder if hCaptcha is helping your company. hCaptcha uses the most insane images that are very inconsistent with Google’s captcha. I think the better option would be to just make your own captcha. I’m sure theres behind the scenes stuff going on with hCaptcha in the browser, but if not, can you please please please move back to google or just make your own?

I have personally ignored sites that I go to normally because of the annoying captcha system. If you still must use captcha, maybe could you use their more fun questions? Their Categorization and Bounding Box’s sound more fun and way less stressful to look at.


if you must use hCaptcha*

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