Hcaptcha is horrible

  1. It took me 4-5 tries every single time I encountered one.
  2. Visiting the same site from WebView within an (iOS) app, hcaptcha shows up every time, even if I just passed it 5 minutes ago. (My IP could have changed, since I was on 4G/5G).


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Yeah got to agree, I often struggle to determine what is in the pictures and end up failing.
Not sure what the solution to it is but I agree it can be hard to “pass the test” with these

Came here cause of the same issue - i just need 7 retries to pass this hcaptcha thing.
And then you often get an error page where you have to delete the ?cf_chl_jschl_tk=… stuff from the url to access what you wanted.
Accessing CF protected sites became a horror.

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