Having WAF for a domain listed in two different cloudflare accounts

We found out that If we have same domain listed in two different Cloudflare accounts, nameservers might have been updated to the ones that belong to the other Cloudflare account and hence nameserver checks happening on our Cloudflare account might fail —> reason behind the Moved status for our domain in our Cloudflare account. Now the domain is taken away from this account after a week of being in Moved status. Is there any work around to still have our domain listed in this account and provide WAF even after having this same domain listed in another Cloudflare account?

No, only one account can have a domain at once, and Moved is a temporary status just to let you know that it’s about to leave your account.

If you want to manage WAF settings from another account, you’ll have to get them to add your main account as an Administrator over their account. If they don’t want you having access to their entire account, you should create a new Cloudflare account just for that domain, then have that new account invite both your and their main accounts as administrators.


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