Having two errors but domain is using Cloudflare DNS

I’ve waited 24 hours for the DNS Propagation and everything looks good thus far since 8 global locations have DNS entries; however, two errors have popped up when testing using an online tool. The two errors are:

  1. NOT using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy

  2. NOT using Cloudflare SSL

Now the site is using a SSL so not sure what number 2 is seeing as an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You most likely havent switched the records from :grey: to :orange:. If you want it proxied through Cloudflare you’d need to do so.

As for TLS, that will come automatically once you proxy, however your server should have a valid certificate as well.

If you post the domain, you could get more accurate feedback.

I see. Okay here is the domain: https://onlinefitnesstrainer.net/


Your DNS and your TLS configurations look alright, however you do not proxy anything yet. If that is important to you (depends on what you want, you dont have to proxy) you could switch the entries as mentioned earlier and - as you already do have a proper certificate on your server - switch your SSL mode (which should be finally called TLS :wink: ) to “Full strict”.

Only one suggestion, maybe look into your Wordpress configuration, the site loads fine but not too fast :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Your feedback placed me on the right direction. I downloaded the Zone file and uploaded to Cloudfare and all is running fine now. Thanks Sandro:)

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