Having trouble with subdomains and main domains

Hello all!

First off, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this!

I’m currently running Pterodactyl Panel on a subdomain called panel.mywebsite.club, however I now want to serve a single HTML file on my main URL i.e mywebsite.club, not on a subdomain but on the main URL.

For some reason every time I add an a record for the main URL it sends me to my Panel and not my HTML file, the URL also stays the same, so if I go to mywebsite.club it shows me Pterodactyl Panel.

How do I fix this and make sure that Pterodactyl only serves content on panel.mywebsite.club and not any wheres else? I have Pterodactyl set up so it should do that and I know the HTML file and Nginx is working as if I go to the local IP address of my server is serves the HTML file.

Any help would be great!


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