Having trouble with redirect and always HTTPS after IIS site restart

Hey there! I’m new to CloudFlare. While I was troubleshooting an IIS site issue I restarted the site. Now the CloudFlare redirects and always use HTTPS page rules are not working properly. I’m getting a 403 from the IIS page when I go to http or https://mobileapp.questarai.com

If I go directly to https://mobileapp.questarai.com/ios I get a secured page though. This is supposed to be where all traffic to the above two address lands.

That 403 is coming straight from your server.

Which Redirect isn’t working for you?

Yep, I get that it’s coming from the server. I’m confused as to why a server-side IIS restart would cause the CloudFlare redirects for mobileapp.questarai.com on 80 and 443 to https://mobileapp.questarai.com/ios would stop working. It was working fine before I restarted the IIS website.

The DNS is still globally propagated as CloudFlare for this site to

Could also be that this site is supposed to be cached in the CloudFlare CDN. Would an IIS restart mess up the caching?

It looks like it’s working now.

Yeah, I set a server-side 302 redirect. Let me undo that change quick.

Disregard. SSL is terminating on F5s in our datacenter for this site. I’ll close this thread.

Thanks for the help @sdayman !

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