Having trouble with failover/load balancing with a subdomain

Hi all,

Trying to figure out best practices for hosting a corporate site on a subdomain where I don’t have control of the DNS.

So far, my best idea is to use a separate domain at cloudflare with an a record to the server. Then have the client add a CNAME record to their subdomain pointing to my domain.

Then, I’ll use a load balancer to check the server. It sounded relatively simple. But when I tried to set up a test, I couldn’t figure out which domain to use for the monitor. I set up a subdomain of my domain, hosted a simple site on it, but I don’t know how to control which domain the monitor will use (it should be different from the apex domain the CNAME will point to, right?)

Finally, when I tried to activate the load balancer, I get an error 520 (TLS Name Mismatch) error when trying to check the monitor site.

I’m confused now!

I also am not sure if what we’re doing here is even the best way to do this – should I prefer to have them add NS records to their subdomain so I can add it directly to cloudflare (this would appear to be much better than using a cname, though I don’t know if it’s possible or how to instruct them to do it if it is)? Or should I give up and use AWS’s own load balancing system internally so the company can simply add an IP address A record?

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

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