Having trouble with CNAME pointing to old target

My CNAME continues to go to my old ClickFunnels target. I’ve changed the target of my CNAME and it continues to either be a 404 page when I turn off Cloudflare proxy or it goes to ClickFunnels.com when I turn on the Proxy. I’ve tried a lot of solutions for this and no prevail. Clourflare customer service is non-existent and they keep prompting me to post here.

Can someone please help? Thank you!

Alright, couple of things you’ll need to check.

  1. Your nameservers are still pointed towards Cloudflare (sounds like they are but doesn’t hurt to double-check).
  2. That the CNAME leads to the new target if you hit it manually.
  3. Try clearing your DNS cache.
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Did you remove the custom domain from Clickfunnels?

Thanks for this. How do I check if the CNAME leads to the new target manually? The target URL works on its own when copy and pasted, but I don’t know how to test if the CNAME is going to that target.

Yes I deleted the custom domains on ClickFunnels a while back but for some reason, the CNAME is still connected to Clickfunnels when I type in the URL.

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