Having trouble updating the IP


We need some very urgent help.

We have uploaded the new version of the site.

Our new site is loaded to a server with the IP of 142.xxx.xxx.xxx
The old site is stored on a server with IP of 157.xxx.xxx.xxx

We have updated the A records of Cloudflare DNS accordingly.

But we found that the URL is still pointing to the old site:
(This is a screenshot from the site: securitytrails.com)

What shall we do to point the URL to the IP of 142.xxx.xxx.xxx?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Where does it point to your old IP? On your Cloudflare dashboard or when you try to access the page?

The latter could be a cached entry. It resolves on it’s own, depending on the TTL that was set before. I cannot say more about this, without knowing the domain. The community doesn’t have access to your account but it’s ok If you feel uncomfortable making your domain public.

The only advice then is: wait a bit, or clear your local DNS cache and try again.


Before updating it to point to 142.xxx.xxx.xxx, it was pointing to 157.xxx.xxx.xxx

We did the update last night. It has been over 12 hours and it still points to 157.

What can we do to clear the cache?

Thanks you so much!



The domain is https://healingsinmotion.org


Hi Mark et al,

The problem continues. And the domain status becomes moved. See this: 22%20PM

What does it mean?


Your site shows up for me but with a lot of errors.

What nameservers are assigned by Cloudflare? Can you double check that? According to your whois information it should be:



These are the correct name servers. This is what we put in according to Cloudflare:

What errors do you see? Are they DNS related?


Mark, I see what you mean. I have informed the team mate who uploaded the new site see if he could upload the files again.

Thank you so much!

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Mark, the issue is resolved.

Would you let us know how? :slightly_smiling_face:

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