Having trouble updating the DNS


We need some very urgent help.
We have uploaded the new version of the site.
Our new site is loaded to a server with the IP of 52.xx.xx.xxx. We have updated the A records of Cloudflare DNS accordingly.

But When I check DNS on https://dnschecker.org, the IP is difference.
I created DNS than 1 week.
Could you help me to resolve this problem?
Thank you.

This is IP DNS when I checked.

This is intended. Your domain will always resolve to Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

Do I use exactly my sever Ip, bro???

I am not Sure if i understood yout question.

In short:
You point your domain to your server’s IP and Cloudflare will proxy the traffic through their network to your server. Visitors will not connect directly to your server and see Cloudflare’s IPs instead.


I turned off Cloudflare Proxy. But it can not load directly to my server.

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