Having trouble to switch back to free account

I’m switcing from Pro subscription back to Cloudflare’s free account so I can use Cloudflare full DNS servers to hide my web server address (XYZABC.com, without the"www"). I purchased my Pro account through my ISP that required my to use the CNAME method in DNS configuration. Consequently an “A” record must be in the ISP’s DNS server’s record that expose my web server XYZABC.com real IP address.

On the ISP’s cPanel, it already showed I’m using the Cloudflare’s free account. But on the Cloudflare management screeen, I can’t find the options like a typical free account has to configure a full DNS servered by Cloudflare. Do I miss something here? Thanks.

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I found a solution. On the web hosting website, cPanel --> Cloudflare --> Domain. Then at the bottom left of the screen, there is an option to “Remove Domain from Cloudflare”.

Click that, then start the free cloudflare account registration/setup from scratch.

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