Having trouble setting up SSL with an IONOS hosted site

Hi, apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I’ve done some searching and reading but not been able to find my answer. I only have a very limited understanding on this topic

My website is hosted with IONOS, my domain registrar is Cloudflare. I don’t currently have SSL on my site. I am trying to set it up, however I’m unable to enable SSL at IONOS as it says “The SSL certificate can only be used for domains that are using 1&1 IONOS name servers”.

I am on a free Cloudflare package so I don’t think I can change the name servers from the default Cloudflare ones.

I have a universal SSL edge certificate at Cloudflare and have checked to always use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites however this doesn’t enable SSL for me.

My DNS settings are DNS only, when I enable the Cloudflare proxy I end up with a 525: SSL handshake failed error on my site, reading through the article on solving that I think I need to have an origin certificate at IONOS, I created one at Cloudflare but I don’t seem to have a way of adding that in IONOS.

So, with my limited understanding I can’t seem to find a way to enable SSL, IONOS support said to change the nameservers at Cloudflare to the IONOS ones (which I don’t think I can), or transfer the domain to IONOS (which I’d rather not do, they’re expensive and customer service is shocking). I asked if I can add an origin certificate from Cloudflare and they said " SSL from a different hosting provider will not work with the current package/contract that you have which is a shared hosting contract. You can use that certificate if you have a dedicated server or any server package that has a root access to use/install the external SSL"

So I’d appreciate some help, am I out of luck here, or is there any way I can get SSL to work?

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Unfortunately, It sounds like you are out of luck with IONOS

Thanks for the reply, that’s what I had figured, so I guess I have to either upgrade the IONOS hosting package, transfer to a different host or transfer my domain from Cloudflare to IONOS.

Does this seem right, are there any other options I’m missing?


You can change your hosting provider if IONOS doesn’t allow with such features. That’s the easy one I think.

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