Having trouble setting up Cloudflare Tunnel


I recently bought a domain name from Cloudflare to use with Tunnels. I went through the process of setting everything up and running cloudflared on my Raspberry Pi but when I go to the configured subdomain, I get an error saying ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. I’ve checked the DNS settings and it all looks fine. It was pre-configured by Cloudflare. I’ve been over the config numerous times and I can’t see anything wrong.

NSLookup is showing no CNAME or A records for the root or sub domains.


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Are you using Local CLI Tunnels (manually created a config.yml file containing ingress rules/url), or Remote tunnels, using the Zero Trust Dashboard and you just ran cloudflared service install?

If you’re using Local CLI Tunnels, you need to add the DNS part. You can use cloudflared tunnel route dns <tunnel-name> <hostname> for it to generate and create the DNS Record for you, like cloudflared tunnel route dns my-cool-tunnel tunneling-time.example.com.

If you’re using Remote Tunnels, adding the Public Hostname should have created the DNS part for you.

Once you have the DNS Part, should only take a bit for DNS Propogation. If you tried visiting it before, you may have to wait a bit for local dns cache/resolver cache to clear.

If the problem continues with the DNS side setup, what’s your domain name/the hostname of the tunnel? Could be some misconfiguration there.


Ok, I’ve checked it again this morning and it’s working now. The DNS propagation to days to complete so I thought something was wrong. Thank you for your reply!


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