Having to turn off Proxy

Since 17:35 UTC on the 10th of October, I have had to turn off proxying as otherwise site visitors are confronted with a 520 error; any ideas?

Originally I thought removing the “known IP’s” from our firewall would solve the issue, I was wondering if there were new ranges etc. This didn’t solve the issue and the only way is to turn of proxying as noted above.

I should clarify that I pause Cloudflare, not turn of proxying via DNS.

and fix the web server issue. Once settled, you may unpause to continue to benefit the proxy features.

Here’s the Tutorial

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Many thanks for for your help. I’m just confused as to why this would stop working when nothing has changed on our server. I am the only IT person here so I know no updates/changes etc have occurred as I would be the only person who has access to make the changes.

It is not necessary to occur error by making certain changes alone. Stuff can go wrong without it. Check your server log and read the :point_up_2: attached Tutorial for sufficient explanation.

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This is actually affecting multiple servers and IP’s; the only way to connect to any public facing website is by “Pausing Cloudflare” then everything as it should be. Really scratching my head with this…

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