Having serious doubts if CF actually works

I have activated compression, but when I use GTmetrics,com, it tells me that I do not use GZip compression.

When I deactivate my site in CF admin panel, and make a new test on Gtmetrics, I get the same speed result e.g. the same grade.

This is the same for most of my sites, makeing me wonder if CF actually works? And why does page speed, gtmetrics pingdom tools all tell me I do not use Gzip, when compressions is activated in CF?

Makes no sense to me.

Anyone has an idea what to do?

can you give domain?
about site speed - its just bonus, you suppose to use Cloudflare for the security

most of the speed you gain from Cloudflare you should be able to do it yourself(except cdn maybe)

Yes Pingdom’s first recomendation for me is to use a CDN - so I am confused on how to test if Cloudflare is working

It’s hard to answer without a domain name to perform additional checks.
You can write to support, so they can check where the issue is. :slight_smile:

Cloudflare by default enable GZIP for HTTP compression.

If you still notice recommendation for it, I believe it could be for the third party domain which is not controlled by you or Cloudflare.

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