Having problems with SSL on my websites


I am having problems with SSL on my two websites:


I have installed the Origin Certificate via third party SSL installation from my webhost on shop.gotomary.com

Any advise on how to resolve this?

Thank you.


Neither of those sites are running through Cloudflare.

shop.gotomary.com has the proper Cloudflare Origin Certificate, but it’s only valid if you’re using Cloudflare in SSL Full (Strict) mode.

book.phang.org has an expired cPanel certificate. That will work if you’re using Cloudflare in SSL Full mode (not Strict).

Hi sdayman, thank you for your help.

I’m currently running through a hosting partner to Cloudflare.

shop.gotomary.com is currently in SSL Full (Strict) mode and I’ve just changed as advised.

However it has been less than 11 hours since I’ve put shop.gotomary.com in SSL Full (Strict) mode, so maybe I should just wait and see what happens.

Thanks again.



shop.gotomary just isn’t running through Cloudflare. I realize you’re using a hosting partner, but when I view the server headers, it’s not going through Cloudlare. There something that’s not set for your domain. You’ll have to go back to your domain’s hosting panel and double check the Cloudflare settings. There’s usually some sort of :orange: indicator if it’s going through Cloudflare.

Hello @sdayman, Thanks again for your reply.

I went to the cPanel and click the Use Cloudflare to on next to the A records of the subdomains to shop.gotomary.com

Is that how I do it?

Sorry about this. I’m a newbie at this.

Thanks again for your help.



I’m not sure how cPanel and Cloudflare will interact with each other. Generally, the domain itself needs to be on Cloudflare, at least for DNS. Then the subdomains can be set to :orange: to use Cloudflare’s SSL features.

Honestly, slicing off a subdomain and handing it off to Cloudflare is tricky. Maybe your hosting provider can assist with this, or someone here may be familiar with this process.


Was wondering if anyone can help me, I’ve just updated my DNS using the Zone Editor in the cPanel, however the records are not updating in Cloudflare’s DNS under Domains in the Cloudflare plugin in cPanel. So I cannot change my subdomain to use Cloudflare.

Should I wait a while to see if it updates or is there a way I can quickly update the records in the Domains of Cloudflare’s plugin?

Thank you.


It works! It’s all good.

In the cPanel > Zone Editor > choose domain

Basically these steps but for cPanel https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200168756-How-do-I-add-a-subdomain-to-my-site-

delete TXT record for the subdomain
edit A record to CNAME > Name “sub” Record “domain.com

Delete the Domain from Cloudflare and re-add.

Now in the Cloudflare plugin go to Domains > go to the CNAME record of the subdomain and click the Use Cloudflare button to “On.”

Thanks @sdayman for your help.

Have a good day.

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