Having problems confirguring and DNS propagating

I am getting the attached error. I have been trying to get a domain at Network Solution pointed to WPEngine. The client has their mail at NS and wants to keep it there. But all has been disrupted.

This is what the tech support chat from Network Solutions had to say…
“The issue is the nameserver because the mother brain of the DNS is not propagating.”

The nameservers are still propagating, the site loads and shows as active on cloudflare. But, WP engine has been talked about a lot the last 3 or 4 days, Search results for 'wp engine order:latest' - Cloudflare Community

You can :search: this site for the message you shared, but this comment nets it out You’re seeing a standard message if you host another service in addition to your website on the same server.

Anything more specific, error message, problems with email or the site?

My client, SixString, is saying their email is not working. The plan was to point the domain to WPEngine. But keep the mail at NS. I was on tech support for at least 6 hrs today. Ugh. The first time I chatted with NS tech support, they emailed me CNAME records to add to cloud flare. Which I beleive I did correctly. The second time I talked with tech at NS they said they could not help me because it was on Cloudflare.

I’m also curious about the alert on Cloudflare that says 2 of the entries are exposing the IPs. What am I supposed to do with that? If anything?

I’d ignore it, at least for now. You’d need a different mail server to fix.

To troubleshoot email, follow this #tutorials, it’s really straight-forward, just a matter of getting the proper records set up.


Do you know specifically, if what I entered in the attached screenshot of the Cloudflare DNS is correct?

@bobbie6string, for a CNAME type records which you have from the above screenshot:

  • autodiscover
  • mail
  • smtp

Make sure they are all three unproxied, :grey: cloud (DNS-only) instead of being :orange: cloud as seen on the above screenshot, for a proper e-mail functionality as @cloonan already posted a link to an article about E-mail Troubleshooting.

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OK. Fingers crossed. That seems to have resolved the error message.


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