Having issues with my website that is not showing since 3 days



I wanted to switch hosting and in DNS I changed the pointed address to new hosting. Now that I see that it’s not working with this hosting I re pointed my domain to my ex hosted since 3 days and still can’t see my domain on the web. That is why I ask the community to help me fix the issue.

Thank you.


Switching your DNS entry’s “A” record should be pretty quick. What happens when you try to visit your website? What’s the domain?




I’m seeing a slightly modified new Wordpress installation proxied by Cloudflare. What’s it supposed to look like?


it,s suppose to be completely different than this but the issue I think is
with hosting.


I have another question. I changed the hosting company after I went with
cloudflare and I’m having issues I think it’s about dns.


Once you switch to Cloudflare, Cloudflare becomes your DNS. :orange: DNS entries refresh frequently, so a DNS change here should take effect within 5 minutes.

As long as you have the proper IP address in your Cloudflare DNS “A” record, that’s all you need at this end. Then it’s up to your host configuration to serve the proper site at that IP address.

So if your old host had your site at, then you switch and update your Cloudflare DNS entry to use, the switch should happen within five minutes.

Sometimes, to troubleshoot, it’s handy to :grey: the entry to untangle any issues you have with hosting before you turn Cloudflare on. Just make sure your :grey: DNS entry has a TTL set to 5 minutes or so.


is it possible to get personalized support for my issues with cloudflare?