Having issues with localhost, when adding A record "the internal record type cannot be proxied"


I am in the process of migrating my hosting service from Siteground to HostGator, and I got the wrong info from a HostGator tech that I should change my localhost to HostGator IP address.

I then logged in into my Bluehost account that owns my domain and registrar account and looked at the Zone editor and discovered that my localhost should have remained as it was with Bluehost,

I tried to modify the IP from HostGator back to Bluehost localhost IP and I kept getting an error and the input box turned red, so I decided to delete the localhost and add it again.

Now when I try to add the localhost again it throws the following error “the internal record type cannot be proxied”.

Please help asap.

Thank you,

Naomi Bollinger

What does that exactly mean? I am afraid it doesnt really make sense. Can you post the exact quote you were told?

“localhost” refers to your local computer and there is no point in having this in your DNS records.


I went to try it again, and it allowed me to add the localhost without error, so I guess it’s fixed.

Thank you for the quick response, greatly appreciate it.

Naomi .


On my Cloudflare DNS configuration there was a localhost that had the same IP as my Bluehost account which was, so I changed it back…


Are you saying there is no need for a localhost at all? does not refer to a Bluehost account but to your local machine.

Based on your description I would assume you had a DNS record which was used by your server to point to itself. That is somewhat unnecessary but if you configuration is using that record it would stop working if you removed it. The best would probably be to change the configuration to actually point to but thats a different story :slight_smile:


Currently Cloudflare is hosting my DNS. My previous hosting service was with Siteground, but my Domain is registered with Bluehost. I am in the process of migrating my website to HostGator due to storage limitations with Siteground.

I modified all the A records to point to my new host HostGator IP address.

Can you please let me know if I need a localhost in my DNS configuration?

As I already said, that depends on your setup. If you are using a record which points your server to itself you will need that record unless you change that redundant configuration.

Ok, thanks I will let the A records and IP remain the way it was …except to pointing all A records to the new IP for my new host company…

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