Having issues with enabling to all my device

How I do that?

You’ll probably have to set up a local DoH proxy and then point your router to it, so that any regular DNS requests go to your local DoH proxy instead.

ok Thanks

Um, just for a note
I forgot to tell you something.
So, if I use the mozilla’s inbuilt enable dns over https, and if i check, then it seems to be resolving to and the debug information shows that I’m Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH).
What do you think?

Looks accurate.

I mean then why it is working with firefox?

Not sure about your question. It works because you configured it.

Um, I meant that I also configured it with my router. Isn’t firefox doing the same by changing the dns server so that I can have DoH or there is something different than just changing dns servers to and
How did firefox just able to do so? Thats my question.

When you configure it on Firefox, it doesnt query DNS via the system any more but runs the DNS queries itself via DoH.

Ah, now I got it. Thanks for the explanation!
I’ll check for others and see if the problem remains there for others who have same ISP or not.