Having Issues with Activating External SSL

I am new to cloudflare I was logged out of my own site last night as I was trying to install my SSL Certificate.

I purchased a SSL Certificate from Rapid SSL and I had to install it via Cpanel with a CSR. I then got on with their team to make sure its activate which it is. But its not reflecting on my site. I then had to add a DNS txt record on Cloudflare, yet its still not showing and they are unsure as to why its not working.

Also, when I active the Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible then my custom font added to my site isnt working.

I also just spoke to RapidSSL who I got the Certicfiate through and they said that they only other issue could be this: "https://www.digicert.com/ssl-certificate-installation-apache-cpanel.htm

Step 11: "Your SSL certificate should now be installed, and the website configured to accept secure connections. You or your web host may need to restart Apache before it will work. "

I’m not sure if cloudflare needs to restart Apache for you before it will take affect or not. Do you know if they or you have done that step?"

Hope anyone can assist Please.


Cloudflare reloads their configuration any time you make a change here. If you have a valid SSL certificate on your server, you should be using Cloudflare SSL’s Full (Strict) mode.

Hi @sdayman,

Thanks for responding. I was scared of selecting that as I wasnt sure after I read this article(https://pagespeedtweaks.com/cloudflare-setup/). LOL. I didnt want to be locked out.

I have a couple of questions:

1)What happens when my SSL Expires and I for some reason don’t repurchase the certificate for another year, would it mess with my site at all?

  1. Even when I just click on flexible it doesnt read my custom font for some reason and also says that my images arent secure. How do I work around that?

Thanks so much,

If that certificate expires, you’d have to downgrade to Full (not strict). It will function with an expired (or mismatched) certificate. Better yet, get a Clouflare Origin certificate. They’re only good for Cloudflare sites, but they’re free!

As for the not-secure fonts, that’s usually Mixed Content. If you post the domain name, we can help more.

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For the Certificate, I only want to use the one I have as my client already purchased it and therefor might aswell use it. I do hope to fall in love with cloudflare that I will end up using it for life for and all my other clients sites too. So far I am a little bit confused but happy to learn and also very happy with the help/support I have been getting so far.

For the font issue. My domain name is elysian-management.com

For whatever reason, your site redirects back to http, so I’m not getting secure for anything. You may have SSL/TLS here set to Off instead of Full (Strict).

Cloudflare has its own SSL for the public facing servers, but uses the SSL certificate on your server to finish the secure connection. On a Business or Enterprise plan, you can put your own paid certificate on the public facing servers, but that’s rarely necessary.

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I haven’t activated it to full strict yet. I can do that now. But would I be able to put it back to off as I said before it messes with my font and images. Just let me know then I can select full strict. But also let me know if I can revert back if its not showing correctly on my end.

If the site is properly configured for HTTPS, then you shouldn’t have a Mixed Content problem, but if some resources show up without HTTPS, then read the Mixed Content tip I linked to in my original response.

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Okay great thanks

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Thanks for your help. Finally got it to work.

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