Having issues on email setting and domian

Hi everyone,
I bought my domain name from Godaddy,
Get up the website using Groove funnel and is using Cloudflare.
Set up a Gmail but now is not receiving email.

Does anyone have any experience what I should do to make the Gmail receive Email again?
Appreciate the helps and advice.

Gmail usually uses MX records, and those usually work without error. What’s the domain?

It has no MX records. Gmail should have instructions on how to set this up, but it’s probably like everybody else’s:


Hi sdayman,

I reach out to Godaddy they say there setting i need do at Cloudflare, could you or anyone advice me where I can do the setting at for this domain.

Thank you

I just posted the records you need, and what they look in the Cloudflare dashboard.


Hi sdayman, can u advice me how to i reach the record you get to and edit it?
Thank you

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Hi CreatorRevealed,

As the team is using Google function, we trying to link it with Gmail.
I will check out your advice.

Thank you very much:)

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