Having issue in Taking website Backup

Hi, i am a small business man having my business site on smart glass technologies but recently i have faced some technical issue on it. i tried to solve the issues but due to some reasons i need too take backup. When i started to take backup of my site . It started smoothly but after some time it becomes very slow and gave me error at the last. Can any one of you why i am not be able to take my website backup. Or how to resolve this issue.

Where does Cloudflare come in?

i don’t Understand what you want to ask. can you please elaborate

I am not sure how your question is Cloudflare related. Can you explain where Cloudflare comes in?

I think someone has attacked on my website, some malware or may be cracker.

So you have a security related question, not a backup one?

i am facing backup related issue. if is due to security then i have to increase security. what measure i have to take in security to protect my websites from these attacks in future

All right, I am sorry, but Cloudflare is not involved in any backups, so that’s a question you best address with your host.

If i need security for my site so what measure i have to Consider

If you are on a paid plan you can enable WAF, though you should really make sure your server is secure first. Cloudflare is only an additional layer.

That is of course a very different question from your original one, so you may want to open another thread if you have specific security questions.

Many times i feels that some tried to access my sites.

Referring to my previous reply.

Ok thanks for your response.