Having issue in setting up Cloudflare free dns

I am having an issue in setting up Cloudflare free DNS on my combo smoker grills site.
Kindly suggest any video to setting up DNS :frowning: properly. I am waiting for positive response.

I am waiting…

kindly let me know also about Agro Smart Routing. Is it Provide speed to open up site?? if yes kindly let me know about it. Thanks.


Thank you for asking.

What kind of error are you experiencing?

Is this a sub-domain maybe? :thinking:

May I ask what is your domain name? Can you share it here with us so we could check and provide some feedback information to you for further steps? :thinking:

Have you tried adding your domain to your Cloudflare Account? :thinking:

Did you changed the domain nameservers at your domain registrar to the assocaited and given ones from your Cloudflare account?

Kindly, I’d suggest you to take a look at the known articles about getting started with Cloudflare:

Helpful tutorials about using DNS tab at Cloudflare dashboard:

It does help with the dynamic content which isn’t being cached and is generated on-the-fly via PHP or some other backend software.

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