Having DNS issues when check F-Secure Router check

I did a check to F-Secure Router check a couple of times. It seems that there is a problem with the DNS. I keep getting amber not a green colour. Here is a screen shot.

When I revert back to my own ISP DNS ip address it goes to green. But not amber.

Could Cloudflare engineers please check the DNS through this link.

Other than their less-than-flattering test results, is there actually something that’s not working?

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Besides that how am i supposed to know if there is IP address that have been banned without my knowledge. How can I tell?

As I am currently beta testing Apple MacOS and Microsoft upcoming release products. Been busy submitting reports to their support and engineers.

Troubleshooting at my end for answers. Days and Nights without any soiutions at my end.

I’m. ot sure a router check tells you anything about an IP address being banned. Without knowing what the router is checking or why it considers the results incomplete it’s difficult to provide any guidance. If DNS is working when Cloudflare’s IP addresses are specified in your router then DNS is working… no idea If it’s because the IP the DNS query is coming from doesn’t match a ‘known public DNS server’ in their tool that has no bearing on Cloudflare’s DNS or on the ban status (or not) of your own IP.


Seems to be a bug in the site and no problem with The moment a row in the results is empty, the message will be orange. You can see “Known public DNS server” is empty. Their service probably does not know all the IP addresses associated with Cloudflare’s and returns no result. The AS number returned is also wrong. Results from IPinfo.io for that DNS IP:

 ip: ""
 city: "Singapore"
 region: "Singapore"
 country: "SG"
 loc: "1.2897,103.8501"
 org: "AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc."
 postal: "048508"
 timezone: "Asia/Singapore"
 asn: Object
   asn: "AS13335"
   name: "Cloudflare, Inc."
   domain: "cloudflare.com"
   route: ""
   type: "hosting"
 company: Object
   name: "Cloudflare, Inc."
   domain: "cloudflare.com"
   type: "hosting"
 privacy: Object
   vpn: false
   proxy: false
   tor: false
   hosting: true
 abuse: Object
   address: "US, CA, San Francisco, 101 Townsend Street, 94107"
   country: "US"
   email: "[email protected]"
   name: "Abuse"
   network: ""
   phone: "+1-650-319-8930"
 domains: Object
   total: 0
   domains: Array

All in all there is no error and nothing to worry about. This tool seems to do the same as https://dnsleaktest.com/ and https://ipleak.net/. When you change your DNS to Cloudflare you can also see it change in the results on those websites, which means your DNS has not been hijacked.

I configure to use the Cloudflare DNS Ip address on my Wifi Router that somehow I go the Amber or Yellow colour at F-Secure Router Check.

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