Having an issue with getting "this hostname is not covered by a certificate

I looked at all the support documents and none of the subdomains are too deep and the domain has been active for a couple months with no issues. Not completely sure when it changed as we are just using this domain to redirect to another website. I have at least 10 other domains set up this exact way and this is the only one I can see that is behaving this way. Please help

Check if Universal SSL is enabled. HTTPS isn’t working for your domain as there’s no edge certificate…

Universal SSL is at the bottom of this page…

Thanks, for the reply. Yeah that was the first thing I checked on the bottom of that page it says disable universal SSL, So I am pretty sure its on! But I agree it feels like its not working correctly. Also this domain is registered with GoDaddy if that matters I saw other posts about there possibly being issues with that…

Try turning it off, waiting for 2-3 minutes, then turning it back on.

Well there you go… Turn it off and back on, Thanks for the help. Any ideas what might be going on at Cloudflare to make this happen?

If the edge certificates in the past for whatever reason failed to issue or renew they would be deleted and then you could have no certs despite USSL being enabled.

Would depend which GoDaddy services you used, as the registrar they wouldn’t do much but if you used their DNS or hosting services there may have been conflicts depending on the setup. Impossible to say retroactively with public information.

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