Having AAAA and A record questions

Hello all! Are there any advantages of having both records? Will Cloudflare test/check out which of the record will respond fastest?


No. I assume they generally prefer connections via ipv6.

They don’t – if an :orange: subdomain has A and AAAA origin records, they ignore the AAAA records and exclusively use IPv4.

(Remember that the connection between the client and Cloudflare, and the connection between Cloudflare and the origin, can use different IP versions.)

I don’t know if the current behavior is documented. I still set AAAA records on the assumption that it may change in the future.

Note: I don’t know if Load Balancing behaves differently.


Thanks for the input guys! So which is which? Do they prefer IPV6 or ignore it alltogether if an A record exists?


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