Having a problem with CNAME records

Hi All,

I use CloudFlare to manage DNS records for a custom domain name. I have created a few CNAME records to forward the traffic to Azure Front Doors,

Proxy Status: DNS Only (I haven’t enabled Orange Cloud yet, but I will, once I see it is working)

When I jump on Azure Front Door and try to use this custom domain, I get this error message

A CNAME record for ‘ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au’ that points to ‘ess-dev.azurefd.net’ could not be found. Before you can associate a domain with this Front Door, you need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider for ‘ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au’ that points to ‘ess-dev.azurefd.net’.

And, when I check the CNAME record via mstoolbox,
I also get this result “DNS Record not found”

It’s been nearly a half an hour since I created CNAME record.

What I’m missing here?

Are you sure your domain is active on Cloudflare? These are the nameservers:

Name Server: NS.CDNS1.NET
Name Server: NS.CDNS2.IO

And they don’t seem to be CF-ran nameservers since they don’t respond to ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au, but the virtual CF nameservers do:

$ dig ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au @NS.CDNS1.NET +short
$ dig ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au +short
$ dig ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au @deb.ns.cloudflare.com +short

And the cloud subdomain doesn’t look like it’s being delegated to CF (not that Cloudflare supports only running on a subdomain without a contract plan):

$ dig NS cloud.micropay.com.au +short


Yes, you are right, sorry, my bad, I had to check this. This environment is new to me.
I found out people who had access to these DNS servers. They now created CNAME records, one of them is:
ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au CNAME ess-dev.cloud.micropay.com.au.cdn.cloudflare.net
(This now is being confirmed by mxtoolbox cname checker)

The reason we do this that we wanna use CloudFlare as proxy and CDN and this means that I can now create records on Cloud Flare (because Cloud Flare was delegated to manage).

When I create a host (A) record, it requires IP address which could be front door’s frontend’s IP, but this is not recommended by Microsoft.

To be able to redirect the traffic second time from cloud flare (DNS wise), I need to create another CNAME, but not sure if this works, and when I test this, Azure Front Door still complains (it says there is no CNAME record for front door’s frontend’s FQDN name. Most likely it founds out CNAME we created on DNS servers first)

How can I resolve this issue?

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