Having a problem with CNAME records and Azure FrontDoor

Hi All,

I use Cloudflare to manage DNS records for a custom naked domain name. I have created a few CNAME records to forward the traffic to Azure Front Doors,

Proxy Status: DNS Only (I haven’t enabled Orange Cloud yet, but I will, once I see it is working)

The www link is working but fior the naked domain it doesn’t when I jump on Azure Front Door and try to use this custom domain, I get this error message

We couldn’t find a DNS record for mohamadlawand . com that points to portfolio-ml.azureedge . net. Before you can associate a domain with this CDN endpoint, you need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider for mohamadlawand . com that points to portfolio-ml.azureedge . net.

It’s been nearly a 2 hours since I created CNAME record.

What I’m missing here?

While you can enter a CNAME for your apex domain in the Cloudflare DNS, it is always flattened to an A/AAAA record when queried since CNAMEs are not permitted for the apex. Therefore it’s impossible to return a CNAME when querying an apex domain as Azure seems to need to validate the record exists.

As your site is working with www, the best solution is to redirect mohamadlawand.com to www.mohamadlawand.com on Cloudflare using redirect rules.

Is there documentation around the redirect rules?

Set up in your dashboard here…

Copy this example, just change the hostnames…

Then you can delete the CNAME for mohamadlawand.com and replace it with a proxied DNS record for A or AAAA 100:: as dummy values (needed so the domain resolves in order to be redirected).

Keep the www record as it is as that works.

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