Having 503 error

Anyone can help me fix my domain? skystrippers.com.au

Im having this issue everytime i update my nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers. Can anyone share idea how to fix it?

Looks like Shopify is still linked to that domain - have you used them in the past?

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Yes I used Shopify before, I message the Shopify support to remove the domain from the system. And they said that they already did and they also reprovisioned my SSL. How can I confirm on my end that the domain is no longer connected to shopify.

I tried this.

I noticed that adding the CDN to the domain cause the error. Any idea how to fix it?

Unfortunately this is a long-standing issue with providers that use Cloudflare for SaaS. Sometimes, domains don’t get disconnected properly and are stuck in a kind of “limbo” that prevents them from being used in Cloudflare elsewhere.

Generally the quickest way to resolve this is with Shopify - please try contacting them and ask them to remove all Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

If that’s not successful, you can reach out to Cloudflare via [email protected] and they can handle this for you manually - be sure you mention you used to use Shopify and need to remove the previous custom hostname / SSL for SaaS config. Feel free to reply with a support ticket number if you do this, and it can be escalated here.

This is the reply I got from them.