Have you tried Wrangler's templates?

Hey all! Kristian from the Workers team here, with a quick question :wave:

We recently launched our open-source command-line tool Wrangler, with support for quickly generating new projects using Templates. We want to make templates really great, so we’re looking for feedback from anyone who has used them (or hasn’t used them – that’s useful feedback too). So, poll time!

Have you used a Wrangler template to build a new Workers project?

  • Yes, I love them!
  • Yes, but they didn’t do what I wanted
  • No, they aren’t useful to me
  • No, what is a template?

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I’d love to hear any thoughts you have in this thread too! Are there any templates that you’d like to see in particular? Did you try one and have issues getting it working? Would love to hear what you think! :cowboy_hat_face:

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