Have you thought about what you're doing in October?

From the looks of it, we’ll be in :airplane:…and conferences around the globe! If we’re close to you, please stop in and say hello!

Growing Dev Platforms at Scale & Turning Static Assets into Dynamic Sites
Austin, US
October 3, 2019

ServerlessDays Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
October 3, 2019

ServerlessConf New York
New York, US
October 7-9, 2019

Growing Dev Platforms at Scale & Merging Serverless Storage and Compute
San Francisco, US
October 14, 2019

ServerlessDays Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
October 22, 2019

Connect New York: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare
New York, US
November 6, 2019

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Hopefully I can make at least one of those New York dates!

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I will already be in the city on October 7 and eight. So I will not be able to attend even though I’m so close! Will Cloudflare have any workshops pre or post I might be able to catch?

November 6 is looking really good though!

The 6th is a // Connect event and will be all-consuming, we’d love to have you visit for that. I’ll find out who from the team will be there and make sure to set up an introduction. The 7-9 will be an conference event, interesting but less cf-focused than Connect.

Should I register for Connect even though I’m not yet 100% sure I can make it? Is registering through that above link the best way to do so?

Yes, please do register and I’ll flag your name to the person organizing the event to make sure he knows.

I registered. Got the OK to go from above.