Have two domains in different datacenter location

Hi all,

I have a domain *.com and I want to add a second site *.fr to configure the WAF

The purpose is to have the domain *.com located in the Cloudflare datacenter in the USA

And to have the second domain *.fr located in the Cloudflare datacenter in Europe (or in France)

Could you please help and advise how to do it

Thank you,

All domains on Cloudflare are on all their datacenters. So a user from France will go into one of the DCs in France, one from the USA will go to the USA ones.

If you want to redirect based on the user’s location that has to be done from the server (or possibly a Worker) not via the WAF.

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In this case we are gdpr compliant, since http request (data transfer) from France will go through DC in france

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