Have shifted my hosting

Hello everyone, any support on this would be very appreciated. So I transferred from a very expensive hosting to one of my other cheaper hosting providers. The new host told me to update to their nameservers. I wanted to continue with cloudflare though.

The new host transferred my wordpress site and says the transfer is done. They also say that the domain is still hosted with the old host though. Their support sent me a message as below:

“I see that my colleague have already updated the A record at the CDN DNS zone so I can assume that the changes still propagate. It however takes some time which cannot be considered as normal because such changes usually take effect faster. Please reach Cloudflare and ask them to check the setups and make sure that the data source server IP is configured successfully on their end to the one configured by my colleague.”

What I can do to ensure that my website is being served from my new host?

Make sure the DNS records for the domain are correctly configured in your Cloudflare account—i.e have the correct IP address for the new host.


Hi @jagrit18

Your new hosting provider will give you new DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, TXT). You need to make sure that these records are the same that you have in your Cloudflare account.

We can’t do the change for you.

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Once you have the new IP from your host, you can follow this Community Tutorial to make sure your records are updated.


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