Have paid for a 14 days business plan, it has been 4 days and the plan still not showing in my account!

4 days ago I have paid for my business plan for one domain, I have never receieved the plan, but the money were deducted from my account!

The support escalated the issue but no still no reply.

The money were taken, and 4 days from the 14 day period are out!

I want full refund & faster support response, or I will chargeback the payment with my bank.

Hi @felicienchretien501 I am sorry to hear you are having this issue.
You mention support escalated the issue. Can you please share the ticket number here, so we can look into this?

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Hi jochen,


I can see a colleague is handling the ticket and there has been created an internal ticket for our billing team to handle it. You will get a reply on the ticket.

Just to clarify so everyone can read it

6 days after purchase I haven’t received business plan for 14 day period, which means already lost 60$, and still no refund, still no reply that would solve the situation. I haven’t received what I’ve paid for. Thus this should be 100% refundable (and I will handle this with my bank soon, just wanted to firstly kindly ask Cloudflare to fix this).

Cloudflare is still flipping with my ticket like with a hot potato. This is really unprofessional & frustrating ! Which means I will have to call my bank soon.

Still no answer!

Hi there-

This issue has been escalated to our Billing engineering team. We will get back to you on the ticket once we hear from the team.

Sorry for the delay here.

We will refund you if this is a fault in our service. I am waiting for the eng team to get back to me on this and then I can proceed with the next steps.


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It shows for me.

If you clear cache & cookies, login and navigate to the domain with the Business Plan, do you see this on the right sidebar?
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 11.18.36 AM

I merged your duplicate tickets into 3030976, the team will continue their communication with you on that ticket, duplicate tickets are not necessary.

Why you merged two tickets that were not connected in any mean? There were two different problems.

Maybe next time you can read the full ticket to understand the full issue?

IT WAS NOT about some ■■■■ cache & cookies, your systems couldn’t make business plan to my zone even though I’ve paid. Technical problem about connecting the payment with the zone. 100% Fault on your side.

Tomorrow I am calling my bank because this is like talking to idio*s.

And the business plan started showing 11 days after purchase, the purchase was 14 days period - so only 3 days left. 100% Scam and Fraud.