Have no access to old account

Hi the person who built my website set it up on Cloudflare but did not provide us with the login details. Since then he has disappeared and will not respond. I now need access to update the website and have control over it, I have created a new Cloudfare account so need to know how to transfer over.

You can’t transfer over. You need to set up the domain from scratch.

What’s the domain?

Hi Sandro, its Langdaleassociates(.co.uk), and I believe its just for the website.

That domain is currently using the nameservers boyd and kay. Are these the nameservers assigned to your account? If not, then it’s still with the previous account.

Hi Sandro, these names do not mean anything to me. The person who set it up worked in a bank in India and was recommended by a good friend who has also had the same issue in contacting him.

In that case you will have to add your domain to your own Cloudflare account and set the nameservers you will be assigned at that point.

Check out support.cloudflare.com and #tutorial.

When I login in to Fasthoast I can see the website but cannot do anything with it?

It’s probably best to set the nameservers back to your original host at this point. Once your site is loading fine, you can still add it to your Cloudflare account, if you wish so.

I have managed to recover my account by creating and new account and transferring this over but I can’t get the website files, how can I get access to these.

The files should still be with your host. Cloudflare is not your host, so they can’t help you there.

Also, you probably have the wrong IP addresses configured. You need to double check that and make sure they match your host addresses.

Hi Sandro its the files and data that Fasthosts are telling us are with Cloudflare

Well, Cloudflare is not your host. You seem to have added your domain without changing first to your host, which is why you now have the wrong IP addresses.

I can only repeat my suggestion, point your domain back to your host. At this point you best delete the domain from Cloudflare, point it back, wait a day, and then start the setup again.

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